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Game Bully For PC Full Version

Written By Aleksander Simon on Kamis, 05 September 2013 | 19.30

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Bully is an action-adventure open world video game set in a school environment. The player takes control of teenage rebel James "Jimmy" Hopkins, who from the opening cutscene is revealed to be a difficult student with a disruptive background. The game concerns the events that follow Jimmy being dropped off at Bullworth Academy, a New England boarding school. The player is free to explore the school campus in the beginning and, later on in the game, the town, or to complete the main missions. The game makes extensive use of minigames. Some are used to earn money, others to improve Jimmy's abilities or get new items.
School classes themselves are done in the form of minigames, broken into five levels of increasing difficulty. Each completed class brings a benefit to gameplay. English, as an example, is a word scramble minigame, and as Jimmy does well in this minigame, he learns various language-skills, such as the ability to apologize to police for small crimes. Chemistry is a button pushing minigame which rewards Jimmy with the ability to create firecrackers, stink bombs, and other items at his chemistry set in his room at the dorm. He can learn new fighting tricks and can play dodgeball in the Gym class. In the Art class, he has to unveil a painting of Ms. Philips, being wary of the bombs and explosives in the minigame. He can make new bicycles in Shop class and has to complete photography missions in Photography classes. In the scholarship edition, four new subjects- Biology, Maths, Music and Geography are added. He has to dissect animals in Biology, solve multiple choice questions in Maths, press the buttons according to the beat in Music and put the flag to its corresponding country in Geography.

Minimum Syestem Requirements :

Special Controllers

    Xbox 360 controller compatible
Hard Drive Space
    4.7 GB of hard drive disc space
Operating System
    Windows XP/Windows Vista
    Intel Pentium 4 (3+ GHZ) AMD Athlon 3000
    1 GB RAM
Video Card
    DirectX 9.0c Shader 3.0 supported Nvidia 6800 or 7300 or better ATI Radeon X1 300 or better

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