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Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Film Taken 3 (2014)

Download Film | Taken 3

Download Taken 3
After a brief visit with his daughter, Kim, Bryan Mills is met by his former wife, Lenore. She tells him that she and husband, Stuart St. John, are having marital problems. She has rekindled romantic feelings for Bryan who refuses to become involved while she is still married. Later, Stuart warns Bryan to stay away from Lenore.
The following day, Lenore texts Bryan asking to meet him. Bryan agrees, but upon returning to his apartment discovers Lenore's body. Almost immediately, the Los Angeles Police Department arrive to arrest Bryan on suspicion of murder. Bryan escapes and sets out to investigate the homicide. Meanwhile, LAPD Inspector Franck Dotzler, who quickly becomes familiar with Bryan's unique background, heads the manhunt to capture Bryan.
Bryan recovers weapons and electronics from a secure location, then retraces Lenore's footsteps just prior to her murder. At a convenience store, he recovers surveillance footage of Lenore being abducted by unidentified men. LAPD detectives arrive and unknown to them, Bryan allows himself to be arrested, then commandeers the police car to access LAPD's computer system from the vehicle's laptop to analyze information.
Later, Bryan meets with Kim on her college campus and he removes a surveillance bug that was unknowingly placed on her by the LAPD. She tells him about Stuart's bodyguards. Bryan abducts and interrogates Stuart, who reveals that his debt to an ex-KGBSpetsnaz and Afghan War veteran operative named Oleg Malankov was the probable motive for Lenore's murder.
With assistance from his CIA colleagues and a reluctant Stuart, Bryan gains entry to Malankov's heavily-guarded suite. After killing the guard, he mortally wounds Malankov, who says that Stuart had played both men against each other. Meanwhile, Stuart shoots Bryan's CIA colleague, Sam, and abducts Kim, intending to flee the country with the US$12 million he's collected from Lenore's life insurance policy. Bryan chases Stuart to the airport just as Stuart's plane is being prepared for takeoff. After disabling the plane, Bryan overpowers Stuart, telling Stuart he will spend time in prison for his involvement in Lenore's murder. Bryan further tells Stuart that he will later answer for her death. Dotzler and the LAPD arrive and arrest Stuart.
In the aftermath of Stuart's arrest, Kim, who is pregnant, informs Bryan that she wants to name her baby Lenore, after her mother.

Minggu, 17 November 2013

Game Assasin's Creed IV: Black Flag Full Version

Download Game | Assasin's Creed IV: Black Flag | Full Version

Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag cover.jpg
Assasin's Creed IV: Black Flag

The game will feature three main cities; Havana, Kingston, and Nassau, Bahamas, which reside under Spanish, British and pirate influence, respectively. The game will also feature 50 other 'unique' locations to explore, with a 60/40 balance between land and naval exploration. Assassin's Creed IV will have a more open world feel, with missions similar to those found in Assassin's Creed, as well as fewer restrictions for the player. The world opens up sooner in the game, as opposed to Assassin's Creed III, which had very scripted missions and did not give players freedom to explore until the game was well into its first act. The player will encounter jungles, forts, ruins and small villages and the world is being built to allow players much more freedom, such as allowing players to engage, board, and capture passing ships and swimming to nearby beaches in a seamless fashion. In addition, the hunting system has been retained from Assassin's Creed III, allowing the player to hunt on land, and fish in the water.
A new aspect in the game is the ship the player will captain, Jackdaw. The Jackdaw is upgradeable throughout the game, as well as having easy access to the ship when needed. In addition, a new underwater component has been added. The player has access to a spyglass, allowing the examination of distant ships, along with their cargo and strength. It can also help determine if an island still has animals to hunt, treasures to find or high points to reach for synchronization. An updated form of the recruit system introduced in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has returned, allowing Edward to recruit crew members. While Kenway's crew will remain loyal to him, and can be promoted to captain acquired ships, they cannot assist in combat or perform long-range assassinations, as in previous games. Ubisoft removed this aspect of the brotherhood system, believing it allowed players to bypass tense and challenging scenarios too easily.
In the present day, at the Abstergo Entertainment — a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries — offices in Montreal, Quebec, players will engage in modern day pirating through the exploring of Abstergo's offices, eavesdropping and hacking, all without combat. As well, various "hacking" games, similar to previous cluster and glyph puzzles, will be present, that will uncover secrets about Abstergo.
Multiplayer also returned, with new settings and game modes, though it is only land-based.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 (both 32/64bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q8400 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 620 @ 2.6 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 or AMD Radeon HD 4870 (512MB VRAM with shader Model 4.0 or higher)
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
Additional Notes: Windows-Compatible keyboard and mouse required, controller optional.

Recommended System Requirements 
OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 (both 32/64bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5 2400S @ 2.5 GHz or better or AMD Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 or AMD Radeon HD 5850 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0) or better
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers

Password: darknotions

Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Film Final Destination BluRay 1080p

Download Film | Final Destination | BluRay 1080p
Download Film Final Destination
Alex Browning, a high school senior, boards Volée Airlines Flight 180 with his classmates and teachers for their senior trip from New York City to Paris, France. Before the airplane takes off, Alex has a premonition that the airplane will explode, killing everyone on board. As events from his vision begin to repeat themselves in reality, he attempts to stop the flight. The resulting commotion leads to the removal of a handful of passengers, including Alex, Clear Rivers, best friend Tod Waggner, teacher Valerie Lewton, Alex's rival Carter Horton, Carter's girlfriend Terry Chaney and studentBilly Hitchcock. None of the passengers except Clear believe in Alex's premonition until the airplane explodes. The survivors are interrogated by two FBI agents who are suspicious the students were involved in the explosion.
After attending a memorial for the victims, Tod accidentally hangs himself, but it is deemed a suicide. Mortician William Bludworth tells Alex and Clear that Death is reclaiming the lives of those who escaped from the explosion. When Terry is suddenly rammed by a speeding bus, this theory seems to be true. While watching a news feed on the cause of the explosion, Alex concludes that Death is killing the survivors in the same order they were meant to die in the explosion. Nonetheless, he is too late to save Ms. Lewton from an accidental kitchen knife impalement or the subsequent explosion of her house. The remaining survivors (Alex, Clear, Carter, and Billy) get together, and Alex explains the situation. Frustrated by Terry's death and at having no control over his life, Carter attempts suicide by stalling his car on railroad tracks. He changes his mind at the last minute, but gets stuck when the seat belt jams. Alex manages to save him before the train hits; however, Billy is decapitated by flying shrapnel from the wreckage.
Final Destination is a 2000 American horror film directed by James Wong and the first installment of the Final Destination series. The screenplay was written by Glen Morgan, Wong and Jeffrey Reddick, based on a story by Reddick. The film stars Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, and Tony Todd. Sawa portrays a teenager who "cheats death" after having a premonition of himself and others perishing in a plane explosion and uses it to save himself and a handful of other passengers, but is stalked by Death, which is taking back the lives which should have been lost in the plane.

Password: darknotions

Film Final Destination 2 BluRay 1080p

Download Film | Final Destination 2 | BluRay 1080p
Download Film Final Destination 2
In 2001, one year after the explosion of Flight 180, college student Kimberly Corman heads to Daytona Beach with her friends for their spring break. While driving, Kimberly has a premonition of a pile-up along Route 23, killing everyone involved. Aghast, she stalls her car and prevents lottery winnerEvan Lewis, widow Nora Carpenter and her son Tim, businesswoman Kat Jennings, stoner Rory Peters, pregnant Isabella Hudson, teacher Eugene Dix, and cop Thomas Burke from entering the highway. While Thomas questions Kimberly, the pile-up occurs and kills her friends Shaina, Dano, andFrankie.
The survivors are questioned at the police station and informed of the events of the previous film. They are negligent of Death until Evan dies from a fire escape ladder impalement. Desperate for help, Kimberly visits Clear Rivers, the last survivor of Flight 180, inside her psychiatric ward. Though Clear initially refuses to help and invites Kimberly to share her isolation, she warns Kimberly to watch out for 'signs' of death. Upon arriving home, she sees herself being attacked by pigeons, and accompanied by Thomas, go to save Nora and Tim, but arrive too late and Tim is crushed by a glass pane, devastating Nora. Clear accompanies Kimberly and Thomas to mortician William Bludworth. Bludworth explains the equilibrium of Death and "new life", implying their salvation upon the birth of Isabella's child.
Isabella, accused by the police of driving a stolen van, is taken into custody while the other survivors unite for safety. Overcome by grief, Nora is decapitated by malfunctioning elevator doors. Horrified, Eugene attempts suicide but fails, prompting the group to leave and find Isabella. En route, they discover that had it not been for the flight 180 survivors, they would all be dead. As each explain that they had dodged an event that would of killed them, during which Kimberly explains her mother was killed by thieves who wanted her car while she was inside the mall distracted by a news piece of Tod's "suicide" attempt. As Isabella goes into labor, her van nearly collides with the survivors, crashing them onto a farm. In the process, Eugene's abdomen is punctured by PVC pipes which Kat narrowly avoids. Rory pulls Brian Gibbons from the path of a news van as rescuers arrive at the scene. Their Jaws of Life activates Kat's airbag, spearing her head within the pipe and dropping her cigarette on a gasoline leak, blasting the news van and trisecting Rory with a barbed wire fence.
As Kimberly, Clear, and Thomas dash to the hospital, Kimberly has another forewarning of Dr. Ellen Kalarjian "strangling" Isabella. Kimberly and Thomas witness Isabella giving birth and are relieved thinking that the new life will wipe Death's slate clean and save them all; however, Kimberly has another vision of a submerging van and Isabella's embargo from Death all along, denoting that their trial is still at large. Clear searches for Eugene, accidentally detonating his room from oxygen combustion, killing Eugene and herself. Kimberly tackles Thomas from the explosion's debris and realizes her premonitions convey her fate. Although Kimberly immerses a van into a lake for Thomas' sake, she is recovered by Thomas and resuscitated by Kalarjian. Afterwards, Thomas and Kimberly have a picnic with Brian's family and Kimberly's father Michael Corman to celebrate their survival. Learning of Brian's deterrence from Death before, the group witnesses a barbecue grill blast Brian into pieces, catapulting his burnt arm onto his mother's plate as she screams in horror.

Final Destination 2 is a 2003 American supernatural horror film directed by David R. Ellis. The screenplay by J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Bress was from a story by Gruber, Bress, and series creator Jeffrey Reddick. It is the sequel to the 2000 film Final Destination and the second installment of the Final Destination series.

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Download Film

Film Final Destination 3 BluRay 1080p

Download Film | Final Destination 3 | BluRay 1080p
Download Film
Download Final Destination 3
Wendy Christensen, a teenage high school student and a school year book photographer visits an amusement park with her boyfriend Jason Wise, best friend Carrie Dreyer and Carrie's boyfriend Kevin Fischer on their senior class field trip. As they board the Devil's Flight roller coaster, Wendy has a premonition that the hydraulics securing the seats and roller coaster cars will fail, causing a catastrophic crash , killing everybody on board. When events from her vision begin to repeat themselves in reality, she panics and attempts to stop the coaster from being launched. Wendy and several others leave or are forced off the ride - Kevin, best friends Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin, athlete Lewis Romero, goths Ian McKinley andErin Ulmer, and alumnus Frankie Cheeks. Moments later, the roller coaster hydraulics fails and crashes, killing all the remaining riders, including Carrie and Jason, devastating Wendy.

Final Destination 3 is a 2006 American horror film, and the third installment of the Final Destination Film Series.
It was directed and co-written by James Wong, who also directed and co-wrote the first film, and was produced by Wong and his writing partner Glen Morgan, with franchise producers Craig Perry and Warren Zide. Released on February 10, 2006, the film performed well at the box office despite a mixed reception from critics.

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Film The Final Destination (2009) BluRay 1080p

Download Film | The Final Destination | BluRay 1080p
Download Film
Download Final Destination 4
Nick O'Bannon, a college student, watches a race at McKinley Speedway for a study break and while watching the speedway race Nick suddenly has a premonition in which a number of people die when the Speedway collapses following a crash. Nick panics, persuading his girlfriend, Lori Milligan, their friends, Janet Cunningham and Hunt Wynorski, security guard George Lanter, mechanic Andy Kewzer, mother Samantha Lane, racist tow truck driver Carter Daniels, and Andy's girlfriend Nadia Monroy to leave, escaping seconds before Nick's vision becomes a reality. They all manage to get out of the speedway auditorium. A fight breaks out, and Nadia gets angry and yells at them, but she is suddenly obliterated by a flying stray tire that came out of the stadium in which it decapitates her and also slices off her left arm. The movie then cuts to the title by showing (In x-rays) the past deaths of the other three movies in a random order.
Several days after the disaster Carter tries to burn a cross on George's lawn for preventing him go saving his wife at the stadium. After leaving the truck, a horseshoe that is attached to the rearview mirror falls and turns the radio back on. The noise from the radio shakes the remaining beer in the six-pack plastic holder to fall from the dash catching the gearshift and shifting the vehicle into drive. Unable to get in he chases it down the street, is snagged by the tow chain and dragged down the street. Sparks from the cable set the truck and Carter on fire and the truck explodes. George, who came out to see the commotion, witnesses this. The next day Samantha dies after a rock propelled by a lawn mower is shot through her eye following a series of harrowing accidents at the beauty salon. Lori and Nick learn of the deaths and research the premonitions from the previous films realizing that Death is coming after them. Hunt and Janet refuse to believe, but they convince George to help them save Andy although they arrive too late and Andy is launched through a chain link fence by a CO2 tank fired off by a broken wench at the garage.
Nick receives new visions of water and a coin hinting that Janet and Hunt are in danger. Hunt goes to a country club pool to have sex with a girl. Nick tries to call him to warn him to stay away from water, however a kid squirts Hunt with a water gun hitting the phone. Hunt steals the gun, pushes the kid into the water and places it onto the pool drain, but the gun falls onto the drain's On/Off switch, causing the pool to start draining.
Janet goes to a car wash and she fails to notice a sign that says to close her radio antenna. When she drives into the wash, one of the brushes knocks her antenna into the wash's fuse box. Afterwards, Janet receives a phone call from Lori who tells her to avoid water, but the phone loses signal. Meanwhile, Hunt's lucky coin is knocked into the pool by a golf ball and as he dives to retrieve it he is sucked in by the drain. Lori and George manage to save Janet but Nick fails to find Hunt, who was still struggling to get off the drain. Eventually the drain explodes and Hunt with it. George tries to commit suicide but fails after several attempts, leading the group to believe that saving Janet stopped Death's plans. To celebrate Janet and Lori go to the mall to watch a movie while Nick has another premonition about the speedway. He and George arrive in time to see Jonathan Groves crushed by an unattended bathtub that comes through the ceiling. George is run down by the ambulance as they leave.
At the movies, Lori begins to see signs and suspects they aren't out of danger while Nick rushes to save them. A series of events ignites a fire behind the theater curtain and Nick manages to convince Lori to leave. Janet refuses to believe and is killed by shrapnel when the fire sets off a chain of explosions that chase Nick and Lori out. Lori is pulled into an escalator's gears as Nick awakens and realizes that this was all a vision. Unable to save George from his death, Nick rushes to the theater and barely manages to stop the fire before it causes the resulting explosions.
Weeks later, Nick notices a loose pylon outside of their hangout and warns the workers about it before meeting Lori and Janet inside. He deduces that the visions were red herrings meant to lead them to where they needed to be for Death to strike. As he realizes this, the pylon collapses, causing a truck to swerve and crash into the restaurant. As the final scene turns into x-ray, Janet is shown to have been crushed under the tires while Lori's neck is snapped, decapitating her and Nick is thrown into a wall as the credits roll.

The Final Destination (also known as Final Destination 4) is a 2009 American supernatural horror film written by Eric Bress and directed by David R. Ellis, both of whom also worked on Final Destination 2 Released on August 28, 2009, it is the fourth installment of the Final Destination film series, and the first to be shot in HD 3D.

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Download Film

Film Final Destination 5 BluRay 1080p

Download Film | Final Destination 5 | BluRay 1080p
Download Final Destination 5
Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto), is on his way to a company retreat with his friends. While their bus crosses the North Bay Bridge, Sam suffers a premonition that the bridge will partially collapse, killing everyone and himself. Panicked, he persuades his ex-girlfriend Molly Harper (Emma Bell), his friends Nathan Sears (Arlen Escarpeta) and Peter Friedkin (Miles Fisher), Peter's girlfriend Candice Hooper (Ellen Wroe), his boss Dennis Lapman (David Koechner), Candice's rival Olivia Castle (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and coworker Isaac Palmer (P.J. Byrne) to leave the bridge before it partially collapses. FBI agent Jim Block (Courtney B. Vance) doesn't believe that Sam was responsible for the bridge collapse, but promises to keep his eye on him. Following the memorial service, local coroner William Bludworth (Tony Todd) mysteriously warns the survivors that they cheated Death. Believing this to be just some nonsense, they ignore his warnings and move on.
Later, Candice goes to gymnastics practice with Peter, but a chain reaction causes her to fall off the uneven bars and snap her spine, leaving Peter devastated. The next day, Isaac is killed when his head is crushed by a falling Budai statue during an acupuncture session at a Chinese spa. Bludworth, who has been present for both deaths so far, tells the remaining survivors that if they wish to cheat Death, they must kill someone who was never meant to die on the bridge, and thereby claim their remaining lifespan.

Final Destination 5 is a 2011 American supernatural horror film written by Eric Heisserer and directed by Steven Quale. It is the fifth installment of the Final Destination franchise. It stars Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Arlen Escarpeta, and David Koechner.
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