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Game Portable Pepsiman PS1 Full Version

Written By Aleksander Simon on Jumat, 14 Juni 2013 | 18.28

Download Game Portable | Pepsiman | Full Version

Pepsiman Portable

Pepsiman is an official Pepsi mascot from Pepsi's Japanese corporate branch. The design of the Pepsiman character is attributed to Canadian comic book artist Travis Charest, created sometime around the mid-1990s. Pepsiman took on three different outfits, each one representing the current style of the Pepsi can in distribution. Twelve commercials were created featuring the character. His role in the advertisements is to appear with Pepsi to thirsty people or people craving soda. Pepsiman happens to appear at just the right time with the product. After delivering the beverage, sometimes Pepsiman would encounter a difficult and action oriented situation which would result in injury.
In 1996, Sega-AM2 released the Sega Saturn version of its arcade fighting game Fighting Vipers. In this game Pepsiman was included as a special character, with his specialty listed as being the ability to "quench one's thirst". He does not appear in any other version or sequel. In 1999, KID developed a video game for the PlayStation entitled Pepsiman. As the titular character, the player runs, skateboards, rolls, and stumbles through various areas, avoiding dangers and collecting cans of Pepsi all while trying to reach a thirsty person as in the commercials.

Bagaimana cara install:
 1. Download Pepsiman Portable. 
 2. Mainkan. 
 3. Fitur save dan Load Game sebagai berikut:
 Save -> Klik Archivo -> Klik Guardar Estado -> Simpan nama save-an anda.
 Load -> Klik Archivo -> Klik Cargar Estado -> Pilih save-an yang mau anda        load. 

Password: darknotions

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